BioBrix is a range of sawdust based briquettes manufactured entirely from recycled raw materials. 

The basis of all BioBrix is the sawdust. Sourced from local business it is normally a waste product. We utilize the high pressures of the briquetting process to bind together the raw materials without the addition of binders.

A blend of sawdust and pyrethrum wax. The wax is sourced direct from the producer. Is a by-product of the pyrethrum used for insect control. Sourced from the chrysanthemum this wax is normally an unused waste product.
Great for lighting an open fire, combustion stoves or outdoor fires such as chiminea, braziers or firepit.
Camping Solid Fuel. The solid firelighter is also ideally suited to camping or bushwalkers who want to carry a backup fuel source to boil a billy, make dinner, or just keep warm in the rain!
HeatBrix are our basic fuel source. No added anything, just sawdust. Great for heating or just standing around on a cold night in the backyard.

Alternate BioBrix are blended with organic materials from other local industries.

Under development: 

Our basic BioBrix blended with the residual seeds and skins from winemaking. Currently using a 2018 Cooninda Estate Cabernet grape, grown locally in Dixons Creek.

Again with a sawdust base, blended with the residual grain from the brewing process. This time its a Pilsener from Buckleys Brewery in Healesville.

Available in our standard Five or 30 piece retail bag or in bulk 25L bags to keep the fire going all night.
Where practical we have reduced the packaging of our products to a minimum, and have utilised recyclable or reusable paper and cardboard when possible.